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Tips about JPG, GIF & PNG - Which One to Choose

Some people may ask questions about which file format to use when it comes to converting DWG, Word, PDF and many other documents to image files. Actually there are many different types of image formats, but the three most common and relevant ones are: JPEG, PNG & GIF. Here is a brief overview of what file type you should use, and when you should use it:


Use for Photos: especially images with low color range and contrast. You will notice a big difference in the file size of a JPEG in color, compared to one that is in black and white.

Do not use for photos with a very high dynamic range or contrast as the file size will be very big.

Do not use for simple website images as the file size will be bigger.


Use for some animated images.

Use for small and simple graphics such as logos, lines and web site "assets" (borders, shadows etc.).

Do not use for Photos if at all possible as the range of color and file size is prohibitive.


Use for photos, especially images with high contrast and color ranges.

Use for images that need a transparency of some kind.

Do not use for photos with lower contrast or color depth as the file size becomes larger.


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