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PDF Advantages - Why Should You Use PDF Format

1. Compatible Across platforms: from Windows, Mac, Linux, to even modern mobile phones and PDAs: PDF files can be opened on basically any system - you don't have to worry about your co-workers, students, family, or whomever you're sharing your work with, not being able to open your files.

2. Compact & Small: when you convert an existing document to a PDF file, it will automatically be highly optimized making it much smaller in size without losing any quality. Note that you can often also combine and merge multiple documents into one single PDF: spreadsheets, word documents, photos, etc. You can join them all together into a single PDF File!

3. Can be created from any source document: the powerful technology behind the PDF format allows you to convert almost any document, from any application to a PDF file. With a decent PDF Creator your PDF file will just look like you printed your file on high quality paper.

4. Securable, avoid people from modifying & redistributing your work: protect your PDF File, and prevent users from printing, duplicating or even opening your work. The encrypted protection makes it possible to share your work, without having to worry about various doom scenarios.

5. Secure, almost no chance of getting infected with viruses: there's almost no chance of a PDF file getting infected with something like a virus or trojan, which makes it a safe and trusted way of sharing your work.

6. Easy and quick to create when using the right software: you'll find a ton of different PDF conversion programs on the internet, one looking even fancier than the other, with prices varying from $30 to $4000. Most of them are pretty easy to use though, and you'll usually be able to convert your documents to PDF in a few simple clicks. Choosing a good software solution is another story, but you can find some advice at my other PDF Creator article.

7. Software to view PDF Files is completely free: software like Acrobat Reader to open PDF Files can be downloaded for free, and is already installed on most computers. Often it will be installed in combinations with other software you bought on CD-ROM.

8. Viewable within most web-browsers: you're simply able to open and view PDF files in your favorite web-browser. You can simply click a link whenever someone links to a PDF file on a website, and the file will be opened automatically.

9. PDF Files meet legal document requirements: a document must be kept in a format that can't be changed or altered without leaving any footprints, if you want it to be admissible in a court of law. A created PDF file can't be altered, and usually meets these legal requirements.

10. Compatible with modern portable reader systems: various companies like Sony are working on digitally paper pads. These flat panels, not much larger than a regular book, allow you to upload your PDF files to the device, so you can read through the information like a normal book.

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